ID8 Design Studio



ID8 Design Studio is all about creating experiences that are unique and personalized, keeping your identity and core values in mind. 



We are a Boston based boutique design firm that provides our clients with thoughtful, beautiful and culturally relevant interior design solutions. Our approach to every project is customized, as no one client is the same or has the same needs and aspirations. We listen and ask questions that help us identify the key areas that impact your experience, whether it be a restaurant, workplace or your home. Due to our flexible approach we work with several of our clients repeatedly. Research and ideation is a key part of our process to be thoroughly well versed with project type.

Our design solutions can be housed within traditional historic spaces or bright modern spaces. This approach enables us to create timeless spaces that reflect your personality/company goals or helps you formulate an aesthetic that you/your company can identify with.

We are experienced in providing designs, drawings and project management services on residential and commercial jobs.  On residential projects we can provide drawings necessary for permitting and construction. On commercial projects we offer a full range of services from design to drawings necessary for construction and work in collaboration with several local Architects and Engineers. Our experience enables us to keep projects on budget and within the stipulated timelines. Our most successful projects are the ones where the client is committed to the process and our vision. Trust plays an important role in our work and we take that responsibility very seriously. 


Sashya Thind Fernandes (Design Principal) has an undergraduate degree in Architecture with work experience globally (Europe, Asia, North America). Her goal is to create a visual story throughout the space that speaks to the end user. With her background in Architecture she is able to visualize potential spatial interactions, and study the impact of structural changes to a space and its capacity for natural light. Her interest in Experience design and Anthropology help define the context and outcome of each project.

Attention to timelines, quality control, and budgets are key components of every project. Her past experience with various design firms in the US include working on custom residential homes around Boston and some commercial works: Entertainment Cruises Dinner Boats in NY, Baltimore and Boston, City Table Restaurant at the Lenox Hotel, Liquid Art House, Georgetown University Dining Halls, Suffolk University Art + Design School, FreeCause and White Rhino Office Spaces to name a few.