ID8 Design Studio

Wellesley Colonial Living + Dining Rooms

Wellesley Colonial Living + Dining Rooms

Interior Architecture + Design

Location: Wellesley MA
Scope: Living + Dining Room
Size: 600 sf
Role: Designer + Project Manager
Photography: Daniel Nathan
Contractor: Tom McGrory

By bringing in more natural light into the dining room and reworking the furniture layout, we were able to create a space that is designed to meet the family’s entertaining needs. The wallpaper mimics the natural veining found in the richness of the walnut wood used in the built in bar, dining bench and large dining table. The accessories and lighting have been selected to reflect the light, keeping it bright and airy. The living room has multiple seating options, primarily designed to meet the owner’s requirements to be able to hosts large numbers of guests.

It’s fun to see how adding windows and the right lighting can architecturally improve the space ten fold.