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Boston Interior Designer Sashya Thind Fernandes wtih global experience. Enjoys working with clients who are invested in creating a unique and bold expression.


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Sashya Thind Fernandes (Design Principal) is the founder and design principal of ID8 Design Studio. She is deeply involved in all aspects of a project from the initial meeting, concept, design presentations, site visits and client interactions.

She enjoys this hands on approach to ensure the project is completed to the highest standards and no detail is overlooked.

Although she completed her undergraduate degree in Architecture, she quickly realized her passion lay in interior design. Her background in Architecture has enabled her to visualize and design spaces that are often redefined structurally to accomplish the clients goals.

She has worked with several local firms in Boston and globally in England, Dubai and Mumbai prior to founding ID8 Design Studio. Her exposure to the world of design has been lifelong, as she has followed closely in her mother’s and grandmother’s footsteps, both practicing designers and architects even today. She accompanied them on job sites, client meetings and spent her days after school in their studio.

This breadth of experience, interest in the arts and travel, allow her to experiment with new and interesting materials that bring an innovative and international approach to every project. Her process is intuitive as she immerses herself into gaining a deeper understanding of our clients and their goals.

Her past and current work experience include brewery design, hotel interiors, luxury residential, custom furniture design, restaurant design, wellness gyms + spas, academic institutions and corporate interiors.

Contact Information:
Principal + Founder
Sashya Thind Fernandes



We derive our inspiration from you, your surroundings, and often the things you don’t tell us. This, combined with, research, travel, the appreciation for the arts and life experience leads to an unraveling of something beautiful and bespoke. We think of ourselves as solution driven artists.

Our Promise

You, will get our commitment to creativity and intuitive solutions. We, get an opportunity to express ourselves as artists and create a realm of experiences that didn’t exist.

Our Process

We have successful collaborations with Architects, Engineers and Contractors to ensure we surpass our clients goals. Our vendors, work closely with us to ensure the smallest attention to detail. We design and manage all aspects of a project from concept to completion. Our project become part of the identity of those who inhabit it and an unequivocal expression of their personality or corporate culture.

We are a good fit for clients who are seeking a unique and bold design language within their home or business. As a philosophy, we do not follow trends. This approach has led us to redefine materials and challenge stereotypes. Our goal as designers is to leave an impact that is long lasting.

We are a boutique design firm that believes in commitment to creativity and excellence. For these reasons, we limit the number of commissions we take on at a time which allows us to fully invest our time and resources.



We have a defined process that takes your project from concept to completion. Our work ranges from custom home design, gut renovations and furnishings to smaller kitchen renovations. We manage all aspects including selections of all materials, fixtures, accessories, furniture, lighting and art. We enjoy working with local artisans and spend our time curating materials which are unique. Our detailed drawings are used for permitting, bid estimates and construction.

We manage the vendors and contractors through our weekly site meetings to ensure the work is completed to the highest quality. We have relationships with contractors that are well versed in our commitment to workmanship and our process to execute a successful renovation. We work with Architects, Engineers and Consultants on larger projects to ensure the highest standard of design and excellence. Sustainability is a key part of every project we undertake.


Our commercial work includes a similar process where we design and manage a project from concept to completion. We work with our clients and their marketing team or key decision makers to strategize and create a cohesive brand image throughout the marketing materials and physical space. We work with Architects, Engineers and Consultants to ensure all aspects of the project are well thought out and planned for to create a successful space, stay on budget and on schedule. We enjoy working with businesses that are committed to creating a value driven economy and community.

Our work has included Corporate Interiors, Breweries, Restaurant Design, Hotel Interiors, Cruise Ships, Gyms, Spas and Retail spaces.