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Boston Interior Designer Sashya Thind Fernandes

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Sashya Thind Fernandes (Design Principal) has an undergraduate degree in Architecture with work experience globally (England, Asia, Middle East and currently North America). Her exposure to Design has been lifelong as she has followed closely in her Mother’s and Grandmother’s footsteps, both practicing Designers even today.

With her background in Architecture she is able to visualize potential spatial interactions, and study the impact of structural changes to a space and its capacity for natural light.

Her past and current work experience include Custom Residential Renovations, Furniture Design, Restaurant Design, Hospitality, Wellness Gyms + Spas and Corporate Interiors. This breadth of experience allows her to experiment with new and interesting materials that bring an innovative approach to every project.

Contact Information:
Principal + Founder
Sashya Thind Fernandes


We strive to challenge stereotypes.

Our deep understanding of our clients and their motivations is done through in-depth conversations, observations and relevant questions. Intuition and experience also play a part in the design solutions we arrive at. Our design solutions can be housed within traditional historic spaces or bright modern envelopes that provide a unique palette to every project.

We believe in allowing our clients to grow within their homes, adding personal elements as they go with our assistance. This Personal + Purposeful approach creates a sense of minimalism and calm without the chaos of objects that have no meaning and simply serve as decoration.

We are a full service design firm:

We create Concepts and illustrate them through the use of Imagery, Renderings and Sketches . Our drawings and details are used for Construction and Permitting. We manage all aspects of the Project from Construction oversight with our trusted Contractors to Purchasing and Installation of all pieces of furniture, lighting, art, and window coverings.

Commercial Projects are similar to the Residential in terms of the phases mentioned above along with a keen adherence to relevant Building Codes. The approach differs as ROI and Customer or Employee Experience is a primary goal for most of our Commercial clients. Specifications of Furniture, Fixtures, Finishes and Equipment (FFE) are selected to balance aesthetics and durability.

Our most successful projects are the ones where the client is committed to the process and our vision.