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Jamaica Plain Artist's Kitchen - Before + After

We all love seeing picture perfect spaces, styled and professionally photographed.

To get there, the process is complex and involves various professionals heavily invested in a perfect outcome. A space everyone can feel proud of and one which will serve our clients for years to come. I thought it prudent to share some of the before + afters to take you through the journey of how this kitchen came to fruition. The goal is to continue to share the behind the scenes moments to give you a snapshot into our process and the attention to detail.

The key part of the process was reading the clients and designing a space that reflected their personalities. Artist’s, like designers, have a strong sense of self. Joe and Katie are curious and intellectually present which made it easier to communicate the nuances of the design and its impact. I loved working with them because there was immediate understanding of the vision and thought process like a fellow artist.

Often, we as designers are able to communicate the elements which ultimately translate into moments and often its a feeling that one only experiences upon living within this newly designed space. In the photos I have shared the process and also the materials which made up the palette. Color and texture are important for tactility in addition to achieving a practical layout in a kitchen.

I look forward to the aging process of the kitchen through the ebbs and flows of life.

I would love to answer any questions you might have.


PS. This kitchen was recently published by Boston Home Magazine, which is always an exciting and fulfilling moment for all involved.


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