ID8 Design Studio

Cafe Bartlett Square


Café Bartlett Square

Interior Design + Branding

Location: Jamaica Plain, MA
Scope: Layout, Finishes, Logo, Signage/Menu + Branding
Size: 2,500 sf + Patio
Owner/Contractor: Maple Hurst Builders
Permitting: Sally Gibson AIA
Photography: Artizen Studio

Catering to a vibrant neighborhood in the Jamaica Plain area challenged us to utilize interesting combinations of wood and metal to achieve an industrial yet contemporary space. The space is warm and inviting which compliments the great food offerings. The creamery area is differentiated by using a unique layout to accommodate large groups of kids and families and a recycled countertop with hints of the teal color also seen in the stools for a playful spin.

The dining area is laid out with 2 large community tables to encourage the visitors to meet and interact with each other. This also works well for larger groups looking for a place to socialize. We have also provided a good mix of 2 seaters for smaller groups.

The naming and logo design process included a branding exercise with the owners to better understand their values and offerings. The location is historically known as “Bartlett square’ which we decided to emphasize and re-create a public square which is mirrored in the patio. We have planned the space to offer open air movies and farmers markets in the summer.

ID8 focuses on the customer’s experience and ensures the flow is seamless to the café’s offerings.

"The newest addition is bright, airy Cafe Bartlett Square, at the corner of Amory and Green streets, in an area known as Bartlett Square, the kind of neighborhood hangout where tattooed customers tote laptops and toddlers in approximately equal numbers. Peterson’s vision for Bartlett Square involves good solid food, nothing too fancy, using honest ingredients and good techniques."
The Boston Globe

“The space is inviting and interesting, and I definitely welcome another patio space in JP.”
Yelp Review

“This place feels like a loft with ample space and a lovely outdoors patio area. I came here on a beautiful sunny day and this location was like a breath of fresh air. A quality joint with much to offer in an open, clean, & modern space.”
Yelp Review