ID8 Design Studio

Notch Brewery + Taproom


Notch Brewery + Taproom

Interior Renovation + Graphics

Location: Salem, MA
Scope: Layout, Finishes, Furniture, and Graphics
Size: 9000 sf
Architect: Winter St Architects
Contractor: RC Griffin
Furniture: Bailey Davol Studio Build
Graphic Design: goodgood / Holland Mark
Photography: Tamara Flanagan

Notch brewing is designed to reflect the Sessions craft beer movement. The long benches fabricated from the wood reclaimed in the space, create a feeling of community while you enjoy some 80s alternative rock music. The graphic hand painted walls are reminiscent of Americana and ties back to the branding and packaging of Notch. The brick walls, concrete floors and the presence of wood are all elements associated with the raw beauty of an industrial palette which the owner Chris Lohring was very keen on maintaining.